Every interaction is under pressure.

We rarely talk in person, and our divisions put pressure on every interaction. The more we feel that pressure, the more impersonal we become.

Redemptive Leader offers practical tools from a biblical foundation to build community in every interaction.

The World Has Changed

We are encountering problems never seen before. Many around us are questioning what it means to be human. These questions have divided our society in previously unimaginable ways.

But the cause of our problems remains the same. That cause is sin and it’s personal and social brokenness.

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The Unchanging Solution

The gospel is the unchanging solution to sin. It defines our identity as those created in God’s image for his glory. God has designed all of creation to point to himself through that identity.

Yet we are often unsure how to apply this unchanging solution to the unforeseen problems created by sin.

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A New Way To See

Redemptive Leader offers a simple, biblical way of recognizing these new effects of sin. We help you see the events around us and their effects on our interactions through the inspired Word of God.

This new way of seeing reveals opportunities to live the gospel in immediate, practical ways.

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