A Biblical Framework for Change

What exactly is a biblical framework for change? Essentially, it is series of relationships between patterns that we observe in Scripture and in life that helps us make connections between the two. This framework can be represented visually, as you can see below.

This framework can be broken down into 3 steps: Identify, Influence and Inspire.

The framework is not necessary to benefit from these truths. In fact, for some it may be a barrier to trying the simple steps I suggest. But my objective is to only share what I can relate to Scripture, and so I want to provide you with the tools that will help you make those connections too.

My goal is that you would try some of the simple steps I recommend, and then, once you see the results, would be interested in knowing why it worked that way.

For that reason, I have started with A Practical Sequence of Steps so that you can put this into practice in simple ways before spending time with the theory.

These are powerful truths that relate to our deepest held and most cherished beliefs as Christians. We have all seen these truths change lives, and want to see them do that more. My hope is that the Redemptive Leader process will help bring that about.