See New Opportunities

Our world is connected like never before. The flow of information is non-stop, and sources and interpretations of that information are ever-increasing.  But there are ways to see new opportunities in this new world.

In the midst of this always-connected information, we are increasingly disconnected from each other. Since we can find everything we need online and have it streamed or delivered to our homes, we depend on fewer people.

We may prefer to enjoy the convenience of not depending on anyone else. But that lack of meaningful interaction leaves us isolated from one another.

We live in an informationally connected, but relationally disconnected world.

In this world, we have come to depend more and more on cultural messages to build trust with others. These shared cultural messages are a superficial replacement of the experience of being in community with one another.

Culture has been described not as what we see, but what we see with. If our way of seeing has come to depend on cultural messages, we are at the mercy of that culture. Before we can rebuild trust, we need a new way of seeing.

Our culture does not value trusting relationships, and our ability to form them is being lost. If we cannot form trusting relationships, we cannot fulfill our purpose, or share the life-changing message of the gospel.

The Bible does not directly address the forms or sources of culture we experience today. But the Bible does speak to how we form trusting relationships in community.

Before our interconnected disconnected world, community was a physical necessity to survive. So the opportunity to build trusting relationships was always present. But now those opportunities are being lost.

As a result, we need to take constructive steps toward building communities. Those communities will stand in contrast to the cultural messages on which we’ve come to depend.

Scripture helps us identify these cultural messages and how they undermine community. It then shows us how to overcome these messages by building community in practical, day to day steps.

Redemptive Leader teaches you to see new opportunities by revealing the Scriptural way to identify cultural messages and build spiritual communities.