Escape Crisis Mode

You may have forgotten what it feels like to not be in crisis mode. So how would you know what it feels like to escape crisis mode?

The good news is that getting out of crisis mode temporarily can be quite easy. I’ve created a simple, interactive process that can help. I call it the Redemptive Onramp.

Understanding For You and Others

Once you’ve felt what it’s like to be out of crisis mode, you’ll start to see when and how you go into it. That helps you begin to understand what causes crisis mode in your life.

Once you have that perspective, you can start to work on the specific situations that cause crisis mode. More information is available on this site, and I list resources that have been helpful for me.

Recognizing crisis mode in your life is a necessary first step. Then you’ll be able to recognize it in others. This will help you avoid people who cause you to go into crisis mode.

But sometimes you can’t avoid these people. In that case, you may also want to help them escape crisis mode themselves.

This is a more involved process but is necessary and worthwhile. We have to know how to change crisis mode in others if we are going to do anything about the way crisis mode affects our organizations and communities.

This gets to the heart of my work in organizational change. It’s not just about crisis mode, but that’s often the first thing leaders encounter when they are trying to make sustainable change.

It’s good to recognize crisis mode in yourself and to be able to take yourself out of it. But if the organization you lead or work in is always in crisis mode, eventually you will have to choose between it and you.

It would be so much better if you could be a part of helping your team escape crisis mode. And then if your team could help your entire organization do the same.  Check out some of my resources if you’d like to learn more on your own.

Escape Crisis Mode

If that’s where you are, then stay tuned. Better still, contact me, or sign up for my updates on this work. I’d love to keep you in the loop and learn from your experience, even as I share what I’m learning and developing with you.