“I have a problem”

I have a problem.  Those words can be the first step towards a solution.

(I assume your problem is not an imminent threat to your life.  Otherwise, you should be looking for help somewhere else.)

You have a problem that brought you here.  And, whatever that problem is, I’m glad it has.  Not because I have the answer, but because I believe you do.

In every problem we face, either we have the answer, or we know someone who has the answer. We simply lack the right tools or questions to get there.

So, I have created a short, interactive process to help you.  It’s a simple tool made up of questions that I call the Redemptive Onramp.

By the end, you’ll have a better understanding

  • About your problem
  • What the solution might be
  • Who could help you with that

This process utilizes some of the new information of how our brains work. And it takes us through a series of steps that help us engage parts of our brains that often go unused.

I’m offering this for free because it’s part of my research.  In addition to helping you, I believe your answers will give me a better understanding of the problems others face.

With that understanding, I hope to help more people and the organizations they work in and lead. Those organizations can help change the communities where they live and work.

At the end of this process you’ll be given some choices on how your information is used, or even to delete it entirely.

So, If you’re ready to spend a few minutes getting a new perspective on your problem: