Looking At Change

Looking at change can happen in two different ways: what actually changes and how we experience that change.

Things are changing all the time that we don’t notice, and other things don’t seem to change at all, and it frustrates us. The difference is, do we have a picture or vision of what our lives will be like on the other side of that change?

We might, but not realize it, or be too afraid of it to acknowledge it. Or we might not, and our minds are constantly looking for, and evaluating the possibilities, or we are just stuck.

Any of those experiences will be bad, even if the change isn’t.  So the question is, how do we get out of that?

We need three things to start solving our problems:

      1. A way to think about the change that is not overwhelming.
      2. A way to understand where we are now relative to that change.
      3. A way to chart a path from where we are to where we think we’ll be.

If you think about it, we do this all the time when we navigate in the real world. So to do that in the area of change, we need some kind of map to get there. But your map needs to correspond to what you believe about the world.

Such a map lets us take action in two key ways:

      1. We can take action now by breaking the change into a series of small steps.
      2. We can make small adjustments based on those steps to refine what we think the change is, and our path toward it.

Almost all of the “maps” for change come from an evolutionary framework, and so they predict change based on that worldview. But if you have a biblical worldview, you don’t agree with that map. (Read more about this on my blog, FaithCulture.org)

The Redemptive Leader Framework is a biblical map that we can apply to spiritual, cultural, and organizational change.

At times it overlaps with the non-biblical map because it observes how we act in certain situations. But it never accepts the non-biblical explanation of why. Instead, it accepts the biblical explanation of why and builds from there.

Read about the Foundational Truths of this Biblical Framework for Change.

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