Surrounded By Problems

What Can I Do About

We are surrounded by problems. Problems at home, problems with people, problems with institutions, problems in relationships. These problems pervade all areas of life and intrude into everything we hold dear.

What do we do about these problems? And how do we accomplish anything constructive when others don’t share our beliefs and values?

For Christians, these questions have deep significance. We believe that every person is created in the image of God. And we believe each one of us will face judgment after we die.

We know the gospel promises life, both now and for eternity. And we know that living the gospel heals brokenness. But how can that make a difference in a culture that chooses to reject the God of the Bible?

The truth of the Bible is unchanged because the God of the Bible does not change. But the context in which we must apply that truth has changed and continues to change at a rapid pace.

We need new ways to see the problems of original sin. And we need new ways of applying the unchanging truth of the gospel to a rapidly changing, truth rejecting world.

Even though we are surrounded by problems, the solution to those problems remains unchanged.

Redemptive Leader helps identify, teach and apply this new way of seeing.