Redemptive Leader

A Redemptive Leader affects incremental change for the long term.

You discover you are one when your choices surprise you and others, and the results come in unexpected ways.

You are a redemptive leader if you:

      • Work to build communities around values
      • Believe communities shape cultures
      • Resist the demand for short-term results
      • Strive for a balance that sustains your efforts
      • Rely on influence over authority
      • Are energized by the problems others want to avoid

Not everyone is called to this role. And those who are called often struggle to make it fit with the expectations of others, and themselves.

I’ve come to understand myself as a redemptive leader over many years. In the process, I’ve learned a great deal about myself and other leaders who have faced this challenge before and in different ways.

This site exists to share my experience and the knowledge I’ve gained. And I trust the resources and tools I’ve assembled will be helpful to you.

What I’ve learned boils down to three simple steps:

Escape crisis mode

See new opportunities

Anticipate constructive solutions

I’ve captured these steps in a quick, interactive process I call the Redemptive Onramp.  Give it a try!