Sin Causes Brokenness

Sin causes brokenness in our world. But sin is more than just the beginning of brokenness in the world.

Because of sin, things do not work as they should. But more than that, sin subverts God’s means of creation, producing things that are bad and causing greater disruption and disorder.

Sin subverts God’s way of bringing order to the world. Sin is not merely a state of brokenness, but an active way of breaking more of creation.

We often recognize sin through its effects. But the active presence of sin resides in our perceptions and desires. In this way, sin causes brokenness in an ongoing way.

What we see and what we want are darkened and distorted. So what we do is a reflection of that reality, and not the world as God created it.

Sin affects more than people. Anything people build has sin built into it. In this way, sin affects our expectations for how we interact, and sin affects our institutions.

For this reason, sin is part of our world to a degree we seldom comprehend. Even our best efforts bear the marks of sin and stand in need of redemption.

Despite the devastating effects of sin, God is not limited by it. His purpose for creation accounts for the effects of sin, and His purpose will be accomplished.

God has chosen to make redemption from sin the defining theme in his story for creation. When we see the possibility and experience the reality of redemption, the power of sin is broken.

Redemptive Leader is a new way of seeing because it helps us recognize the possibilities of breaking the power of sin in every area of our lives together.

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