The Gospel Breaks the Power of Sin

The gospel breaks the power of sin. Every one of us is under the power of sin until the truth of the gospel sets us free.

Sin disrupts our ability to see the world as God created it. Sin also stains everything we do with self-centered and short-sighted desires.

God’s Word is clear that without victory over the power of sin we cannot fulfill the purpose assigned to us by our Creator. Because we cannot fulfill our assigned purpose, we are broken.

Sin distorts God’s purpose for his creation, and our brokenness is the ongoing evidence and cause of that dysfunction. To be consistent with his character, God would be justified in discarding us. That would destroy us forever.

But rather than discarding us, God chose to redeem us. That redemption is part of his purpose for creation, and his purpose will not fail. But a price must be paid for the destruction our sin has caused.

God accomplished this redemption by sending his Son, Jesus, to be born as a human being. Because of the miraculous way Jesus was conceived, he was born without sin.

Jesus lived his life by the power of the Holy Spirit, and in perfect obedience to God’s purpose and Word. He never sinned so there was no brokenness in his life.

Jesus’ sinless life could now pay the price for all our sin. He willingly allowed himself to be accused of brokenness, and to be executed for sins he did not commit.

By dying in our place, Jesus made it possible for his unbrokenness to be given to us. Now, instead of our lives being evidence of the brokenness of sin, God sees us as participants in his purpose of redeeming creation.

Now God works through us to accomplish his purpose of redemption in the lives of others.  The gospel breaks the power of sin.

Redemptive Leader is a new way of seeing because it helps us see ourselves as part of God’s purpose of redemption.

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