The Redemptive Leader Process

Identify, Influence and Inspire

The Redemptive Leader Framework reveals that our impulse is to hide shame, and how difficult it is to resolve conflict and avoidance directly. The issues generally reappear somewhere else.  The Redemptive Leader process guides us through addressing these underlying issues.

This means that we must find another way to get at the underlying issue.  But as soon as we stop heading directly towards our goal, the likelihood of getting lost increases.

That’s where the Redemptive Leader Process can help.  

It offers a sequence of steps that are “mapped” onto the framework for community change.  The steps help you stay on task, while the framework keeps you on target.

Effectively changing a community requires three steps:

  1. Identify the effects of shame. Shame is identified by observing the patters of conflict and avoidance.
  2. Influence the cycle of Scarcity and Abundance. Since change is cyclical, locating a non-threatening place to influence the cycle will counteract the pattern of conflict and avoidance.
  3. Inspire new behavior. Once the pattern of conflict and avoidance are disrupted, the expanding effect of the community will be felt again. Inspiring new behavior will establish this positive momentum.

Redemptive Leadership uses spiritual insight to overcome the effects of shame and bring the redemptive power of the Gospel to culture.

These steps can also be applied in a more neutral way. This may be appropriate in settings where biblical values can not be as clearly articulated, such as in a business.

  1. Identifying Purpose: Purpose comes from our most deeply held values. Since it is such a part of us, we often struggle to identify our purpose.

You cannot easily change your purpose, because purpose is why you do what you do. But identifying purpose is foundational to being effective.

  1. Influencing Vision: Vision is the opportunity you see from your unique perspective. The certainty of your purpose influences the clarity of your vision.

Vision guides our daily decisions because vision is how you live out your purpose. The influence of your vision empowers others to join with your purpose.

  1. Inspiring Change: Growth is the cumulative effect of how you live out your vision. The clarity of your vision influences the growth of your community.

Others are drawn to join their vision to yours, since community is how we belong. A growing community challenges others to take action toward your vision.

Communities of change inspire growth in others.

Ready To Start? I am eager to talk about practical ways this understanding of change in community can help your organization.

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