Change reveals a lot about us. It shows how we see the world, and how we see ourselves.

All change involves uncertainty. And uncertainty feels threatening, so we often respond by pulling back and making objections. Because those objections come from deeply held assumptions, they can be hard to respond to in a constructive way.

Below are three levels of objections, and where they might come from. The Redemptive Leader Framework can help you understand where your fears are coming from, and how you can overcome them.

Ourselves: Sometimes as leaders, we fear turning to others for help because it makes us feel less competent and valuable. That can be a very real concern, and not one that’s easy to talk about. I have had to face that myself, and have helped others with it, so am not intimidated by those questions, and there are a lot of solutions you may not yet have considered.

Our Teams: Often, in a time of uncertainty or crisis, our team members become very conservative and want to circle the wagons. I work with financial people and business owners, so I understand this impulse. But I also know where it comes from, and how to position opportunities to gain their support. I can help you present your ideas in such a way that others will rally to the cause.

Our People: change is risky. Most people just want to get through it. But change reveals deep needs that exist beneath the surface. Going through change as a community can give you insight into what your people truly need. Understanding those needs can position you to serve your community in new and meaningful ways during and after the change.

Are you facing resistance to change? The practical steps I’ve developed can help. Contact me to start a conversation.