What Is Broken?

Things don’t work like they should. That’s how we know what is broken. A device or piece of equipment is broken when it cannot do what it was designed to do.

So how do we know when people are broken? How do we know when we are broken? Answering that question depends on what we believe we are designed to do.

Our view of our purpose affects our understanding of brokenness. Do we decide on our purpose for ourselves, or is it assigned to us by our Creator?

If we decide what our purpose is, then we are responsible to determine what is broken. But if our purpose is assigned to us, then we are accountable to the person who assigned it.

The truth is, we have many layers of purpose in our lives. And each of those layers has some form of accountability. Some expectations we determine for ourselves, but others are determined for us.

But what about when those expectations are in conflict with each other? What is the defining purpose for our lives that takes priority over all others?

The world-view of the Bible states that our ultimate purpose is to bring glory to God. He created us, and he has designed a way for each of us to bring him glory.

We cannot accomplish that purpose without his direction and help. We must be humble and be willing to look again at what God has called us to do.

God’s call begins with what the Bible tells us about the world before the brokenness of sin. Then we can see how we are called to live out our ultimate purpose in this broken world.

Redemptive Leader helps us know what’s broken by taking us back to the beginning. There we find a new way of seeing our ultimate purpose.