What Is Redemptive Leader?

Redemptive Leader is a new way of seeing the world based on the unchanging truth of Scripture. This new way of seeing comes from understanding the effects of sin on culture, and how the gospel counteracts those effects.

The effects of sin are nearly as old as creation, and the gospel has been established for nearly 2,000 years. But our awareness of culture is very recent. (For more on this, see my blog FaithCulture.org)

For that reason, we tend to view culture in terms of its most recent manifestations. This is often referred to as “the culture,” meaning the media, entertainment, and social media technology of the last few decades.

But culture has existed since mankind was created. By limiting our understanding of culture to its most recent expressions, we give up the ability to see culture explained and changed in Scripture.

Redemptive Leader takes a long view of culture. My DMin thesis traces the existence of culture from Genesis 1 through the New Testament. And my work as Organizational Effectiveness consultant has allowed me to apply these principles in a variety of settings.

Through these combined efforts, I have developed a simple methodology for seeing culture from this biblical perspective and applying biblical principles in practical, effective ways.

I offer this methodology to you in three ways:

  1. Free through my writing here and on other platforms including my blog at FaithCulture.org.
  2. Through interactive group training sessions via Zoom. These begin with a free one-hour introduction.
  3. Personal coaching and application on your specific need designed to fit your specific situation. Contact me directly to learn more.

I hope you will use what I have made available to develop a new way of seeing the world. And I ask that you will let me know what helps, and what needs further development.

The methodology of Redemptive Leader is quite simple, but the implications can be far-reaching. It is a new way of seeing.

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